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Lapokart has only one mission which is creating the most powerful e-commerce system that is dedicated only to buying and selling all kind of jewellery. In January 2013, Anupam Saxena founded the company along with Haneef Ali, and in a very short span of time, this duo able to transform the company from a start-up to one of the largest marketplaces for jewellery across the world. This website has thousands of products in hundreds of categories from all the popular brands, and as a seller, you can sell all of your products to thousands of cities, and town across the globe.

Lapokart takes every step that is needed to make it easy for a seller to do online business. We have a team of advisors that help our merchants to manage and increase their business via our website. Lapokart has various free training programs available for sellers that empower them to enhance their business. Along with that, we have a team of specialists; those are available only to assist our sellers. So, if they need any assistance, they can always get in touch with one of our executives. We also created an excellent system that will help you manage your inventory, selling and deliveries with utmost simplicity.

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