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The terms of sale mention in this document is a legal electronic record under IT Act 2000. As a seller you must need to follow and accept the terms of sale listed below on this page. If you do not have the agreement with these terms and conditions then we will not be able to work with you. You continuous use of our website as a seller is a acceptance of these terms and condition and you must follow every term that you find in this page.

For better understanding and ease of explanation we will name all the sellers as “seller or you” we will name any one who purchase from our website as “buyer, ” and we will use terms “we, us, and our” for

Offer and acceptance of the product

A seller place an offer on our website via automated system and if buyer agrees to buy the product mentioned by seller on seller’s terms and condition, then it is sellers responsibility to deliver the product to buyer. In this process the buying and selling contract will take place between buyer and seller and Lapokart will be known as a third party beneficiary in this bipartite contact. Buyer shall know that any offer by seller is not permanent and it may change any time before the product get delivered to buyer. Seller does not need to provide any reason for the change or cancelation of order if there are any cancelations. Also, it is necessary that if a seller decides to deliver the product, then it shall deliver only the mentioned product and there shall be no deviation in the product.

Here, buyer and seller both need to understand that Lapokart can cancel the order anytime depending on various reasons. When we decide to cancel the order, then we may or may not inform you about the reason for cancelation.


The cost, availability of the product, offer and stock may change any time before the purchase of buyer. But in some cases, a product might not have availability with seller and seller realizes it after a buyer purchased it and placed the order. In this case, it is seller’s responsibility to inform Lapokart about the situation. When you will do this as a seller, then we will take necessary actions and we will return the paid amount to buyer if there is any payment made and we will cancel the order. As far as the reversal of payment is concerned, Lapokart has sole right to decide the mode of reversal and we can chose a method that suit best for us.

As a seller, you need to promise the buyer few things that are mentioned below.

• As a seller, you have right to sell the product on this website.

• Buyer can enjoy the possession of the product without any legal or other troubles.

• Buyer need not to pay any third party charges while purchasing it from you.

• Buyer will get all the associated warranties from the respected authorities if they purchase the product from you.

• Product shall meet the exact details as mentioned in the description on our website.

Also, we respect the intellectual property right, copyright law and interment right. As a seller, you must understand this and you shall not post any information on our website that in description, images or anywhere on the website that contain violates any of these laws. If you post such information then make sure you have written approval from related authorities for the posting of that data.

Pricing details

The price of a product is subject to change anything without giving a prior notice to a buyer. The price that a buyer see on website comes as it is from seller and if seller decides to change it, then he can do that. In case, a vendor post a product with wrong price detail and buyer place the order, then seller may or may not decide to deliver the product at that price. If seller decides not to deliver, then buyer needs to respect that.

All the prices mentioned on the website about any product include all kind of taxes including VAT. If there are any exclusion in it, then seller need to specify it in a detailed manner.

Delivery of the product

There are various delivery methods available for the product and a seller can choose any of the available delivery methods. In case of any damage, loss or other issues in the product, buyer will not have any responsibility and seller need to take all the responsibility for that. Seller gives a promise that any product that is being sent to a buyer is not faulty and it is precisely the same material that is listed on the website by seller and ordered by the Buyer. It shall meet all the specification as mentioned in the product description.

Buyer can get the items only if it comes under the delivery area. If any pin code or address does not fall under delivery area by the customer or our company, then buyer get a choice to deliver the product at an alternative location. If buyer does not have a deliverable alternative location, then we will have to cancel the order.

The dispatch time and delivery time is only an estimated time and buyer shall not consider that as final statement for delivery. In various situations, the time of delivery may change and the customer does not reserve a right to get any compensation for the delayed in the delivery. However, if a buyer wants to cancel the order, then he is free do so. As far as delivery of the product is concerned, he will get it only after full payment for the product via any of the available payment options.

Buyer need to take the delivery of the product as long as the product is in deliverable condition and delivered to the customer before or on estimated time. If a buyer refuses to accept an order then buyer shall have responsibilities for any loss that we face in this transaction and buyer is also responsible for the loss of seller.

Buyer shall get all the right of the product and its uses from seller as soon as buyer pay the amount to seller as mentioned in the contract. This uses right will be subject to the description mentioned on the website along with product advertisement. Once buyer accept the product, then all the risk including loss, damage and other complications passes to buyer from seller.

Cancelation of the order

Sometime a seller may not process some order due to any complication. In that situation seller may directly cancel the order or seller can request Lapokart to cancel the order. Seller has all the rights to cancel the order for any reason. The reasons of the order cancelation include but not limited to lack of accurate information, availability of damaged or faulty product, lack or available quantity, and similar other reasons. All the cancelled order on any of these grounds does not leave any responsibility on the seller or In case, payment is already made by the seller for the order, then we will give the paid amount back to buyer by suitable options available to us. Most of the time, it will be same payment method that a buyer used, but it is not limited to that and we may use different methods as well.

In case a buyer cancels the order, then seller has all the right to accept or deny the cancelation request. As a general thumb rule, if an order is not processed and shipped, then Seller will return the amount the buyer if paid in advance. If order is processed then seller may decide not to accept the cancellation request.

When a buyer or seller cancels the order, then any benefit received by us to a buyer against that purchase will be revoked. Buyer agrees to this term and buyer shall not expect any refund or favors from us.

Governing Law

The Indian Law governs These condition and terms without any reference to conflict or law of any principle. You must accept that these conditions and terms are only for your benefit and no other people shall have any profit from these terms and condition.


We are only a mediator between the buyer and seller. We provide a platform that helps a seller to introduce its products to a buyer and we do not hold responsibility for any claims or promises made by the buyer. We Lapokart do not hold any responsibility for commitment, promises or claims in any condition from the buyers side or from seller side.

Lapokart openly disclaim any kind of liabilities for any warranty, dispute or warranties on any of the products or items that you see on our website by seller. In case of a false information sharing, seller need to bear all the responsibilities and seller need to check the validation of the information before posting that on our website.

In the case of any fake, illegal, duplicate, defective or counterfeit product, we will not take responsibility and seller is solely responsible for that. Buyer needs to cross check everything before purchasing it, and if the buyer gets any complication, then he needs to communicate with dear for that.

If seller sends a defective product or product that is not aligned with the published information on the product page, then buyer shall blame the seller for that. We lapokart does not take responsibility for that damaged, defective or falsified product.

Also, if a product is not available from the seller, then we do not take responsibility for that or delayed delivery of the product.

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