Refund Policy

We offer a free refund to all of our customers to make sure they get nothing but the best shopping experience with us. But we can do this only under some specific guidelines, so all of our users including buyer and seller get the best experience from us. You can return the item under following circumstances, and we will refund the money with these policies.

Wrong deliveries: If you get a product that does not match the description of your purchased product (such as color, shape, size, etc.) then you can send it back to us, and we will refund the money to you. However, you need to make sure that this product is not used at the time of return because if you use a product, then we will have to assume you had no problems with it. In that case, the refund wouldn’t be possible for us.

Damaged product: After opening a box if you find a product is damaged in any manner, then you can certainly contact us. In this situation, we will make sure you get the new product without any delay. If you want to have a refund of the product due to a negative experience, then we respect your opinion, and we would try everything humanly possible to make it right for you.

Non-refundable products: Some products such as automotive, come with a non-refund warranty. If you purchase one of these products, then we will not be able to give any refund to you. In that case, you will have to follow the specific guidelines for repair, warranty and other things mentioned by the manufacturer.

Combo Purchases: If you buy any product in a pair or as a combo, then you need to return both, or you may not return either of them. We will not be able to return an amount to one of the products individuals.

The timeline is important: We respect your opinion, and we want to serve you in the best possible manner, but we will be able to refund or replace any product only for a particular time frame. The deadline for return may vary depending on the product, but ideally, you shall escalate the refund request as soon as you realize the complication. This request should not come after the 7th day of product delivery. We assume that time is enough to evaluate any product in all the standards.

Refund time: We will initiate the refund only when we receive the product from you, and we do the necessary quality check for that. This process may take two days to 15 days depending on the time take by the due process. If we find everything is in order, then we initiate the payment refund process.

Return method: The amount that we refund back to you is mostly by the same medium that you paid to us. But sometimes this approach could be different as well be depending on the particular situation or other associated factors.


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