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We gladly welcome you to our website for shopping or other purposes, but before you use our website, we would encourage you to read and understand our terms and condition. We would advise you to access our website only if you agree with each and every part of the terms of use and associated conditions. If you have any disagreement with it, we politely request you not to use our website, and if you use our website, then we will take that as an agreement from your side about out Terms and condition. Here, you shall understand that in future we may alter or change our terms and condition as needed, so we request you to check it often.

In this document, we will refer all of our “users” as you, and we will refer our company “Lapokart.com” as “we, our or us” as needed.

Your account obligations:

While using our website, you need to maintain the confidentiality of your password, username and other things that comes from your account. You will be held responsible for every activity that comes from your account. You promise you will not provide any information that is inaccurate, not current or misguide us or anyone else in any manner. If we find one or more of the details given by you are untrue or misleading, then we have the right to suspend or cancel your account. In that case, if you have any benefit in your account as a gift voucher or anything else, you would not be able to redeem that in any condition.

You shall not create more than one account on our website in any condition. If your one account is not active, then you can create another account, but you are not allowed to sell or transfer your account to any other individual or entity. If we find such use of your account, then we can take legal actions against you.


When you communicate with us via any medium including email, phone call or SMS, then you agree to get a reply from us via that option. You may receive a different kind of electronic and non-electronic communication from us periodically, and you agree for that by accepting these terms and conditions.


Via our website, we provide a platform for sellers to communicate with buyers and we are not the seller of any product or service. That means we do not give any guarantee-warrantee or promises to you for the quality of any product or service. All the claims that you see on our website come as it is from the vendor and the only vendor is responsible for all the promises associated with those products. If you have any complaint about the problems, you can call us, and we will work as a mediator to solve the issue, but we do not take sole responsibility for the resolution of the dispute. Also, we will be able to complain about the problems or services only within seven days of accepting the order. If you complain after that, then we may not be able to give the best support to you.

We do have different vouchers and gift coupons available on various websites that you can use. But these vouchers and gift coupons come with an expiry date, and if you use it beyond that time, then we will not be able to offer any discount to you. So, before using these coupons or vouchers, we would appreciate you to check the time and date on the vouchers.

Payment related information

At this time, we do not charge any fees for accessing our website or for purchasing any product from us. We charge you only for the services or product that you purchase from us, and we give a precise detail to you about the cost on our website before you buy it. If we charge you for anything else in the future, then we will make sure you get precise information about the new charges, and we will give you freedom to opt out from that service. After we inform you about those changes, you can decide not to use, or you can continue to use our website with the given or mentioned charges.

When you buy anything from us, then it is necessary you provide only correct and up to date information about your financial details as well as your address. Also, in any of your purchase, you shall not use any debit card, credit card, net banking or any other electronic payment method that is not lawfully owned by you. That means you shall only use your credit/ debit card or other payment instruments. The information that you provide to us for purchasing, we will never share it with anyone unless we get a court order to share the details with any particular agency. You will be the only responsible person for each and every information that you provide to us on purchasing, and if you use any stolen data or unlawfully owned instrument for payment, then you may face legal troubles because of that.

We may have some limitation on a single transaction for all of our buyers and sellers. If you go beyond that limit for any transaction, then we will inform you about that. However, we will not have any responsibility for the failure of the payment due to these limitations. In some situation, your bank may decline the payment via your card or other methods and we do not have any responsibility for the delay or cancelation of the payment. If you lose any deal due to that payment cancelation, then we do not hold any responsibility for that.

We use various payment methods to ease your work, and we keep updating that information for your comfort. But it is still possible that your preferred payment method is not included in our payment accepting practices. If that is the case, then you can inform us about it, but you will have to choose only a payment option that is available to you via our website. Also, we will be able to deliver the product or services to you only when payment is made by one of our acceptable methods.

Use obligation:

Lapokart gives you an account that is non-transferable and exclusive to you only. You have sole responsibility for this account, and you will be held responsible for any wrongful action by your account. You shall never use our website from any source apart from our official website or mobile app. If you use it via any other mobile app or third party website, then it will be a violation of the law, and we will have all right to cancel your account and file a legal complaint against you.

You shall never distribute any kind of Trojan application, malicious code, software, algorithm, program or any harmful process to or via our website. Sharing of any information that can harm our system will be considered as a criminal offense, and we will file a legal complaint against you under IT Act 2000. If you find any information mentioned on our website should not be there, then you can write an email to us, and we will take action for that accordingly.

While using our website you accept not to host, upload display or publish any information that

• Belong to another person

• Harm anyone in any way

• Affect the privacy or reputation of other people,

• Contain any explicit graphical content, pornographic content, defamatory content, hateful content, or contain anything about money laundering, gambling, and objectionable content.

• Infringe copyright, patent or trademark of other people or property.

• Contain virus, software or any code that can harm the system of Lapokart or other computers

• Contain a message that spread hate, violence or information that is not good for society.

• Affect the security of any individual, organization or any group of people.

• Violate the code of conduct by any religious practice or belief anywhere in the world.

• Violate any code of conduct by law.

• Violate any terms of agreement for the website.

Also, you need to make sure that you give the only correct address and other details to us while shopping with us or communicating with us for any purpose. If you give wrongful information to us, then we will file a legal complaint about you, and you will not be able to use our services again in the future.

Anything that you purchase from us is strictly for personal use, and you are not allowed it to resell again. If you resell it again, then we will not be able to give any warranty or guarantee, and we will have all the right to terminate your account for any future services.

In some situation, we may need to cancel your order due to technical limitation or other issues. If we cancel the order because of any reason, then you will have to place a new order to get the product from us, because we would not be able to reinitiate the canceled order in any condition.

Intellectual property right

If you copy any of the material that violate intellectual right of ownership, then you are responsible for that violation, and you will have to face consequence as well. This intellectual right of ownership violation may include content such as text, graphic, user interface, photos, sound, artwork, computer code, and similar other things posted on our website.

Also, use of any trademarked content such as logo, service mark or symbol used on our website will be considered as the violation of trademark, and you will have to be responsible for that under the criminal offense. If you want to use one any or all of the details from our website, then you must take written approval from our company and then only you shall use that in given certification.

Using this website, you acknowledge; you will not use any of the content mentioned on our website for any purpose. And if you will do it, then before using that content and displaying that on your website, blog or other places, you will take necessary approval from Lapokart and all the third party owners that own the content.

Third party content

We may have a different kind of third party content or information on our website. This third party content can include but not limited to listed products, details of the products, images, description, videos, vendor name, contact information, third party website link. Etc. We do not provide any guarantee about the accuracy of the third party content. Nor we take responsibility for any of the promises made by third party vendors.

If you visit a third party website via any external link, then you shall do that own your risk and responsibility. We do not take any liability for their terms condition, privacy policy or any profit or loss that you face on the third party links or websites.


If there are any conflict between you and us, then we can use all the available data including your purchase history, your communication with us, your browsing history and related details to sort out the matter. If we fail to resolve the dispute via a regular medium, then only we will suggest you take the help of third party or legal system. If you go to legal system for resolving any dispute or complaint before communicating with us, then we will consider it as the violation of terms of use, and we will have all the rights to take legal actions against you.

Membership Eligibility: This website is available only for those people that can bind legal contract under the Indian Contract Act 1872. If you are a minor, please do not register to Lapokart.com as a user and do not transact with us. If you still wish to use our website or want to buy anything from us, please ask your guardian or parents to register on the website and do the shopping on your behalf. If you are under 18 years, then we have all the rights to cancel your membership, and we have rights not to serve you for any purpose.


The agreement mentioned in this terms and conditions page is applicable until we decide to terminate it from our side by deleting or disabling your account. If you want to terminate the same form your side, then you can stop using our website, or you can close your account. We provide this option to all of our customers.

You agree that Lapokart has all the right to terminate, suspend or cancel your account anytime for whatsoever reasons. If you paid the money to us in the form of cash, then we are liable to pay the money back to you in case of account closure. But if you have any stored gift card or coupons redeemed against your purchase, then we are not eligible to enchase that redeemed coupon due to termination of the account.

Also, we may change, or terminate the terms and condition mentioned on this page when we feel it is necessary to modify. We will try to inform you about the update of terms and condition, but we are not bound to do that. That means if we decide not to tell you or anyone about the updates of terms and condition, then you cannot file any complaint about that.

Feedback and information

Any feedbacks that you share with us about our services or enhancement are essential for us, and we take necessary action for that. However, we are not bound to inform you about the updates or actions that we take for that dispute. Also, we are not obliged to take any action on feedback, suggestion or complaints given by you. It is solely our discretion and no one shall expect anything different from us.

Also, when you share feedback with us, then you promise this information does not contain any information that violates copyright law, the privacy of any individual or affects the business of any other organization that is related or nonrelated to us. When you share any feedback, then we can use it as we feel it right and you are not entitled to get anything in return for that feedback.


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